1965 Established NOHKEN CO., LTD. located in Kita-Ward of Osaka City.
1966 Opened Tokyo Sales Office in Chuo Ward of Tokyo.
1971 Moved Tokyo Sales Office to Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo.
1973 Opened Kyushu Sales Office in Kokura-Kita Ward of Kitakyushu City.
1975 Inaugurated NOHKEN Head Quarter building in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.
1981 Established Enoki Factory in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. Acquired shares of CL Instrumentation Industry Co. Ltd.
1982 Opened Nagoya Sales Office in Chikusa Ward of Nagoya City.
1985 Inaugurated SANDA factory in Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture. Established SHANOC INC. , the export/import company for NOHKEN INC. in Yodogawa Ward of Osaka City.
1986 Concluded Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Milltronics Limited of CANDA for continuous Level Monitors and the peripherals./other devices for Japanese market. Integrated NOHKEN manufacturing business at our SANDA factory.
1987 Established Joint Venture 'Seojin Level Co., Ltd.' with Seojin Level (Currently SEOJIN INSTECH)located in Seoul, Korea.
1990 Established 'NOHKEN SYSTEM' as subsidiary company of NOHKEN INC.
1992 Have changed the registered company name to be NOHKEN INC. replacing NOHKEN CO., LTD. Restructured Tokyo Sales Office into Tokyo Branch and at the same time, opened Yokohama Sales Office in Hodogaya Ward of Yokohama City. In Suita city(near H.Q.)opened an annex office.
1995 Established ' Taiwan Nohken Co.,Ltd.' in Taipei city.
2002 Absorbed the subsidiary 'NOHKEN SYSTEM' into NOHKEN INC.
2005 Activities of Yokohama Sales Office was absorbed into NOHKEN TOKYO BRANCH and Accordingly Yokohama Sales Office was closed.
2006 Absorbed SHANOC INC. into NOHKEN INC. and SHANOC INC. was closed.
2009 Dissolved Taiwan Nohken Co.,Ltd..
2015 NOHKEN INC. reached the 50th anniversary of the foundation
2018 Restructured Tokyo Branch into Tokyo H.Q,. and hereafter NOHKEN INC. started two Head Quarter system.

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